OUr clinic is committed to providing  high quality, affordable health care in a safe, nurturing environment to improve the physical  well-being of women, men and adolescents.

We offer family medicine, medically supervised weight management program, aesthetics such as Botox / fillers, Mesotherapy and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Our Medical services are provided by certified and licensed Nurse PractitionersPhysician Assistants and Medical Doctors.

With our experience, we’ve built our reputation on achieving dramatic results in a short period of time. We are courteous, extremely supportive and dedicated to understanding our patient's needs. Once you reach your weight goal and health , we teach you how to enjoy it for life with our unique and user-friendly Maintenance Program.


Our hours of operation: 
Monday-Friday 9-5 PM and Saturday 9-2. PM

Let the Art Transform You!
Visit: http://thebellydancestudio.com/

We are a wellness center  that...

■ It is a PRIVATE DOCTOR'S office ■ Gives you HIGH QUALITY health care
■ Services are on a LOW-COST sliding scale
■ And we'll send you home with a SMILE!


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